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Presentation of the CRE

The Regional Training Centre (CRE) for Golf is a crucial pre-training stage, which is in line with the work of the Departmental Committees. The CRE's dual main objective is to be the pre-training stage at the High Level and to provide Corsican teams evolving in pre-national and national with players capable of performing from the first senior years.

Identifying potential, establishing training habits, developing benchmarks, building a specific culture and individualised projects are the means we use to launch the training processes necessary for the successful development of a mature player.

The Centre du Sport et de la Jeunesse Corse (CSJC), the Corsican sports and youth centre, works hand-in-hand with clubs in the ongoing work of screening and monitoring athletes, regardless of their playing experience

Parents can also learn about the way the training structure works, sports opportunities and of course the progress and any difficulties their child(ren) encounter: the supervision team makes itself available for this purpose throughout the year.



Regional Training Centre for Golf

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