The CSJC is a recognised player in the field of sporting excellence and performance optimisation.

At the Centre du Sport et de la Jeunesse Corse (CSJC), the Corsican sports and youth centre, our top priority is supporting sports players in their efforts to perform at the highest level. This attention to the sporting "elites" at all stages of their development is the basis for the continuous improvement of this public service providing sport to the maximum number of people. Indeed, it allows the institution to offer amateur sportspeople and the general public the most efficient materials, techniques and know-how for the development of sports practice, all disciplines combined.
The CSJC is a recognised player in the field of sporting excellence and performance optimisation.

Operational objective N° 1

Support and structure access to top-level sport

1.1.1/ The triple project: towards better individualisation of the pathways.
1.1.2/ Standardising the creation of high-level access suitable for the entire sports movement.

Focus on
The mission to support performance

Special vigilance and support will be provided to these athletes, to support them in their triple project. The Parcours d'Excellence Sportive (PES) service will maintain direct and regular contact with the coordinators of clusters, educational establishments and parents.


The objective would be to monitor approximately 10% of the athletes accommodated in the establishment. This enhanced support would include, according to needs, in the fields:

  • of schooling;
  • of training;
  • educational, professional and sporting guidance;
  • support in financial aspects (search for travel assistance or other).

Operational objective N° 2

Develop the range of services to achieve sporting excellence

1.2.1/ Label our quality approach: the Grand INSEP accreditation logo. Modernise our infrastructures.
1.2.3/ Create a resource centre.

Focus on
Grand Insep accreditation

As a mark of quality and recognition, the Grand INSEP Logo guarantees the development and quality of training and education sites for top-level athletes, while respecting an ethical approach to top-level performance.
It validates a genuine quality approach and is subject to compliance with the requirements of the criteria adopted, which cover all aspects of the services offered to sports players: reception, sport, training, communication and medical.
It has three levels (bronze, silver and gold) and gives access to the network, which is rich in the specific features of the 25 centres already certified.


The CSJC applied for the Grand INSEP Label on 15 September 2017, the eligibility of the application was notified to the establishment on 22 January 2018, and the file was sent to the INSEP in May. Now we must comply with the specifications before the final audit to obtain accreditation.

Operational objective N° 3

Develop the territorial anchoring and Euro-Mediterranean influence of the CSJC

1.3.1/ Democratise CSJC access for amateur sport
1.3.2/ Knowing how to respond to the evolution of sports practices. Developing the international dimension

Focus on
A Territorial Cluster of Excellence under consideration, for mountaineering

The creation of a Centre Régional d'Entraînement (CRE), a Regional Training Centre, associated with outdoor sports and, more particularly, based around the mountains, is being managed in Corti, at the initiative of the Corsican League of Mountain and Climbing, the Collège/Lycée Pasquale Paoli and the CSJC.
The idea is to start from the "mountain" sports class, a robust framework that has already been in operation for several years, to start a plan to access the highest level of climbing.
It appears that the current facilities (after some minor repairs) could allow a start in the 2019 school year with recruitment in the 5th grade.
As for the other CREs, the CSJC and the partner of the PES will ensure the administrative and institutional monitoring, the college's pedagogical team will be responsible for the daily and educational monitoring, and the training will be under the professional responsibility of the Corsican Mountain and Climbing League.


By recruiting from the age of 11 or 12, the first objective will be to train future high-level athletes in climbing.
But in the long term, the idea is to extend recruitment to various outdoor sports, for example with the athletics or triathlon league, to structure a real territorial centre of excellence.
The objective is to encourage the creation of a complete competition curriculum but also to support the training of the professions in my mountain, with the prospect of creating new structures (in Chabrières for example) to make Corti a centre of expertise in outdoor sports.