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Educational monitoring

Educational monitoring, a shared concern of the CSJC's Department of High Level Sport and the heads of training structures, includes many provisions formalised in the agreement signed with the Rectorat de l’Académie de Corse, the Heads of schools of the colleges and schools concerned (Colleges Padule and Giovoni, Lycée Laetitia Bonaparte), the DRJSCS Corsica and the CSJC.

The provisions relating to the education of top-level athletes propose:

  • An adjustment of educational curricula in those establishments that are signatories to the convention, after agreement by the various boards of directors concerned;
  • A school system that allows half-days to be freed up in compliance with the requirements of compulsory education;
  • The principle of grouping athletes in classes of an appropriate size;
  • Specific actions carried out within the CSJC.

Organisational arrangements:

  • Implementation of support courses and mandatory studies;
  • Individual follow-up of quarterly evaluations carried out by a letter addressed to the heads of clusters;
  • Feedback on the information given to students by the class council per class;
  • Specific weekly visits or communications with La Vie Scolaire;
  • Follow-up of absences in relation to the CPEs of educational establishments;
  • Participation in class councils;
  • Participation in mediation interviews during education-related incidents in educational establishments.


The supervision of sports, which is the responsibility of the leagues, is provided by technical managers, regional technical advisors of the Regional and Departmental Directorate of Sports of Corsica or federal managers holding a 1st or 2nd degree State Certificate.

Daily training:

Continuous training is at the heart of the institution's project and guarantees the progress and success of the selected athletes. Ten to fifteen hours are devoted to it per week, depending on the discipline. These daily training sessions alternate with schooling. They are provided at the CSJC and over a period of 36 weeks per year, or on external sites depending on the specificity of the disciplines. (Gym, Tennis, Swimming)

Medical monitoring:

The establishment proposes to the Leagues that they organise their own regulatory medical monitoring.

Life of the top-level athlete

Quality of life at the CSJC is adapted to young sportspeople during the school year, including Sundays and public holidays for interns, excluding school holidays.
Hosted at the CSJC, in a twin room with bathroom, athletes benefit from specific services that improve their quality of life on a daily basis:

  • Self-service catering with an adapted diet;
  • Management of the internship by supervisors;
  • Pedagogical monitoring with the organisation of support courses coordinated by Teachers seconded to the CSJC;
  • School transportation to reach the establishments working in partnership with the CSJC;
  • Provision of computer and multimedia equipment;
  • Activity organisation during the week.